KK Catering

Street food to make your event special

KK Catering are a family-owned catering company offering mobile catering units for large events such as weddings, parties and company events. Their services are available all over the UK, and they offer a diverse menu, including vegetarian/vegan menus, burger vans, pizza vans and many more.

Types of events KK Catering cover:

  • Weddings & Parties: Offering different types of cuisine to make your special event even better
  • Location Catering: For large businesses/companies, hiring a caterer might be just what you need way to keep your employees happy.
  • Company Functions: KK Catering can offer any type/style of catering for your company’s corporate events.

Last Minute Catering

Caterer bailed last minute, or simply left the task too late? No worries! KK Catering might still be available (yes, even if your event is tomorrow). There is no harm in checking with them, to see if any of their mobile units are available to hire for your event!